Head of Agro-Crop Chemicals Country

Salary: Negotiable
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Phnom Penh;
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Senior Management
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Hotel/ Hospitality
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Job Responsibilities:
- Building the development strategy of Material area on the medium and long-term; - Setting up agricultural projects: surveying, planning to develop material areas, calculating investment efficiency for projects by year, yield and price; - Preparing the reports on the raw material market developments, forecasting the raw material market situation, advising the buying price of raw materials and the selling price of by-products to the Board of Directors (BODs); - Building and controlling the farming process according to the standards required by the company, directly participate in and supervise this process; - Developing and controlling the standards of control norms related to agriculture: production cost/ha; promulgate appropriate cost norms for farmers; - Planning to implement agricultural projects after receiving investment policy approval from the Company. - Building and advising on the investment policy, buying of raw material for each period; - Building a plan to purchase raw materials according to the production plan of the Company; - Managing and coordinating yield, checking the quality of raw materials related to buying activities; - Managing and monitoring the buying activities weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly; - Developing and promulgating a system of regulatory documents related to the development and buying of raw materials. * Investing, buying from the Company's raw material areas + Planning and implementing investment and buying activities at the AOP price which approved by the Company; * Investing, buying from farmers' material area + Consulting, resolving customer feedback (farmers) related to researched and tested farming techniques and methods; - Monitoring and controlling the mandatory requirements of farming processes according to the standards of the Company and the agriculture industry; - Carrying out testing, experimenting, receiving and transferring technology management from the Company; - Managing and controlling related terms: contract, acceptance, payment, capital disbursement & recovery of investment debt from state projects. - Leading, planning and implementing civil activities (to improve relations with farmers); - Responsible for building external relationships to ensure logistics activities for the agricultural sector (police, customs, border guards, relevant departments). - Participating, proposing the scientific and technical research of the community & external partners; - Developing financial solutions (with financial funds, banks... if necessary) to serve the objectives of Agriculture and support farmers; - Maintaining the supply coordination, optimizing the cost during growth; - Controlling the buying - logistics cost within the approved budget; - Supply chain’s operating management and optimization of the Division/Company’s assets for supply activities; - Building, managing and improving the KPI norms; - Advising, proposing and criticizing the strategies of the Administrative Council and BODs; - Catching up the market situation and proposing solutions to improve competitiveness;
Job Requirements:
- University graduate: major in Agriculture - Forestry/Economics; - At least 12 years of experience in the position of Agricultural Director of large-scale companies; - Knowledge of in-depth agricultural management; - Understanding the process of developing raw material areas and buying agricultural products for domestic and foreign markets; - Understanding technical characteristics of sugarcane; - Project management skills; - Skills in setting up operating procedures for the entire agriculture operation; - Ability to build the annual plan; - Ability to think strategically; - Ability to influence senior management and board; - High-performance and dynamic team development skills; - Experience in leading and developing internal and external relationships; - Good civic skills; - Excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills; - In-depth understanding of Lean production models and good practices, TPM, 5S, KAIZEN, Safety; - Good communication and presentation skills; - Effective budget management and human resource management skills; - Ability to plan strategies to develop organic sugarcane growing areas and households; - Knowledge of agricultural legislation, especially the sugar industry; - Understanding of agricultural science for sugarcane cultivation in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, developments in climate change affecting agricultural areas; - Understanding of the traditional sugarcane market with supplies coming from different regions in the region, demand and market prices; - Have knowledge of the sugarcane market in Asia in order to develop appropriate buying.,
Close Date: 17-Oct-2023
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LB Hotel
KohKong, Sakor, Cambodia
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