CPR/CSE Coordinator (Emergency-Wellness)

Salary: Negotiable
Job Summary:
Job location
Phnom Penh;
Job category
Medical/ Health/ Nursing
Job level
Senior Management
Job term
Salary range
Type of business
Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Job Responsibilities:
MAJOR and RESPONSIBILITIES: • Day-to-day operations of CPR/CSE program., • Perform duties of instructor trainer as required by HCH., • Communicate and implement changes in HCH CPR/CSE training assessment., • Assist CSE manager with budgeting or purchasing CPR related equipment and supplies., • Assist CSE/CPR operation or manager with analyzing data time-to-time., • Determine the need for additional instructor FTE/CPR/CSE on a basis necessary for monthlies, yearly., • Assist CSE/FTE/CSE operation or line management in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring CPR mains instructors., • Maintain a system for obtaining CPR cards, documenting and reporting education always assessment., • Liaison between CSE/CPR/FTE program and Emergency Education Center necessary., • Maintain and complete program reporting as requested by CSE/CPR performance line manager., • Coordinator and ensure all training center requirements are CSE, CPR, FTE Responsible for all...,
Job Requirements:
DUTY and REQUIREMENTS: • High school diploma, Associates degree, higher education of involved or related., • 3-4 years of experience as a CPR/CSE/FTE Instructor necessary., • Experience as a CPR or relative Instructor Trainer conduction criteria., • Ability to organize schedules for CPR, CSE, and FTE program elements., • Effective oral and written communication in English, Chinese, or any languages improved., • Ability to provide excellent customer service to people, instructors and program participants., • Ability to work independently, in team work, and prioritize workload to complete projects., • Ability to think systemically and understand the implications of policies and practices., • Proficient in word, excel, and outlook • Must be willing to travel the province for the community., • Ability CPR, CSE, FTE Instructor, status, must be maintained to meet the position requirements., Instructions: Indicate the age groups of patients served either ability checking from 30yrs next to 70yrs., Note: all responsibilities associated with this position, please submit your information (wholes) to: job.hre@gmail.com or link telegram evaluation firstly via: https://t.me/develcareers
Close Date: 09-Jun-2022
How to Apply:
Please send your application to the below contact:
Contact name
HCH Center PH
Toul sangke, Toulkork, Phnom Penh
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