Chinese Interpreter, Urgently

Salary: Negotiable
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Job location
Phnom Penh; Kampong Cham;
Job category
Translation/ Interpretation
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Type of business
Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Job Responsibilities:
Essential Information 1. English-Chinese interpreters from Chinese and English, 2. Their fluency in both languages to facilitate business or personal communications between two or more people while remaining impartial, 3. Most English Chinese interpreters, (for all interpreters and translators), 4. Have a bachelor's degree and must be fluent in both English and Chinese, Duties 1. English-Chinese interpreters assist with communication between English- and Chinese-speaking people, 2. English-Chinese interpreters convert the verbal communication of one of these languages into the verbal form of the other, 3. They are knowledgeable in specific subject areas and attitudes, cultural differences, 4. Interpreters have such a complete understanding of what the speaker will say next, 5. English-Chinese interpreters have to listen to the speaker while interpreting for the listener at the same time, 6. interpreters usually take notes of what a speaker is saying and then interpret it for the listener afterward, 7. Interpretation is usually the preferred method when facilitating person-to-person interpretation, 8. interpreters may also perform sight translation, 9. verbally communicate text that's written in another language, Judiciary Interpreters 1. In Cambodia (Khmer)., judiciary English-Chinese interpreters are needed because under federal and state laws and regulations, 2. According to the Cambodia Law of Labor Statistics (LBS), 3. Judiciary English-Chinese interpreters are well-versed in Cambodia and Chinese legal involvement systems,
Job Requirements:
Requirements 1. Being fluent in both English and Chinese is essential for English-Chinese interpreters or literature, arts or similar, 2. A bachelor's degree in Chinese, or a relative subject matter is often required, 3. English-Chinese interpreters can earn bachelor's degrees, 4. Depending on the specialized setting where interpretation activities will take place, 5. Chinese interpreters with several years' experience, 6. Activities with humanitarian organizations or tourist guide companies,
Close Date: 20-May-2022
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Please send your application to the below contact:
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HCH Center PH
Toul sangke, Toulkork, Phnom Penh
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